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Facebook announced recently it is hiring for a new role: Director of Remote Work. Let that sink in. It’s a new position for the 52,000-person company which will focus on, well, you might have guessed it from the title: ensuring Facebook’s strategic pivot to Work From Home (WFH) is successful and sustainable.

While WFH (or the more au courant “Remote-First”) is not entirely a new thing, Facebook and many other high-tech firms have embraced it in a systemic, critical-mass approach as a result of the virus. They are being pandemically purposeful.

There are a host of variables and potential roadblocks for successfully implementing a large scale WFH strategy and it looks like this role is designed to help lubricate the machinery for that transition. Among the dynamics in play for a broad-based WFH…


Mike Hoban

Mike Hoban is a West Michigan-based leadership coach and advisor who also writes about business topics.

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